Artcetera Artists

Joe Aronstein

Joe Aronstein is the founder and owner of Artcetera. Mostly self-taught (his father lent inspiration and some of the basics), he is drawn to images he finds unique and emotional.

Myron Aronstein

The father and inspiration for Artcetera owner, Joe Aronstein. Myron passed away in 1971, but, his spirit and art live on at Artcetera, a true "Field of Dreams" story. He was a unique and fantastic sketch artist, showing human emotion and passion like few other artists.

Duane Dahl

Duane Dahl is a Santa Fe artist whose love of nature is manifest in his preference for using richness of texture and form rather than color to carry his message.

Timothy M. Parker

As a Fine Artist, Timothy concentrates on Abstract and Abstract Figurative art. Tim studied at the Parsons School of Design where he earned a masters degree in art. Tim now resides in Naples, Florida.

Todd Babb

South Florida artist, Todd Babb, creates bronze-like sculptures out of resin. Todd creates conceptual pieces that portray a deeper understanding of human nature. Each piece conveys emotion and fluid lines that add to most any environment.

Stuart Glazer

Boca Raton painter, Stuart Glazer, works with color as few other artists can. His impressions of the human form evoke passion, remorse, joy, and just about any emotion imaginable. The combination of color and emotion make for modern masterpieces.

David Scherer

David is a sculptor of abstract clocks. Nothing matches the whimsy and color palate David brings to his dimensional forms. Whether on your wall or free standing every one of David’s clocks will bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees each masterpiece.