Finished Framing

As part of Artcetera's In-Home services we also install any finished framing. Here is an example where we hung 13 Salvador Dali prints. The ceiling was 12 feet high. The installation covered the entire wall in this customers living room. They were thrilled!



Here we used a red frame with a thin white edge, a bright yellow mat, and a red fillet.

This piece and another one the same were for a guest bedroom.

The walls were a bright yellow which we matched for the matting.  



  This piece was for a dining room. The couple were on a tight budget.

  We chose one of our simplest and least expensive frames,

 a basic black, then added double matting to "jazz up" the jazz musicians print.



  This is a Salvador Dali print. The customers were art collectors and have several pieces in their

  home. Seeing all their collections made this suggestion easy. The gold scoop with very fine

  black "scratches" matched the Dali print, the home decor, and all the other works of art




  Our customer had a great collection of postcards from places they've visited. 

  They wanted them all to be seen. We suggested this shadow box effect.

   It's a little difficult to tell from the photo, but, we mounted each postcard at

   a different depth within the shadow box. The frame we chose was a simple silver. 

   A larger, thicker frame would have taken away from the effect.



 For this original painting (made by myself, incidentally), a fine chiseled

 wood frame was chosen. The frame merely enhances the painting and

 draws your eye to the artwork.




  The frame chosen for this original painting is called a float.

  That's because the painting appears to "float" and not touch the visable

  edges of the frame. For this painting the float is a steel color.



The challenge here was to keep the photo the center of interest. We used a fairly simple frame,

a mat that matched the colors in the photo, and a fillet to finish it off. Our customer was thrilled.



Sometimes a painting needs no frame. In this example we "gallery wrapped" a tryptic or painting in

three sections. The canvas is stretched and wrapped on bars. The side edges must be completed

art for a gallery wrap to work. Those edges are 1 to 1.5 inches deep.



The challenge here was to frame some 25 sports programs, all valuable keepsakes for our

customer. In some cases ticket stubs needed to be shown. The customer also wanted

access to the programs. We finished the backs with small clips that allowed for easy

opening and re-closing. The programs were hung on one wall in the sports den.



Shown here is an oil painting we framed in a simple yet classic gold frame. We added a linen liner to accentuate the work of art.